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What's that smell? Your list of worst songs

Time to air the "Dirty Laundry" -- literally -- because you know that Don Henley song in particular is going to rate high on our ... 50 Stinky Songs of the 80s.

We're building a list of the worst tunes of our beloved decade. Right now, we have a few dozen potential dogs written down. But you know we're missing some truly hideous stuff, so we want your help.

Leave us a comment with some of your ideas about the worst songs of the decade. Include the group name too if you can. To qualify, the song should have charted during the 80s (even though it might have been recorded in '79). It should be somewhat well known. We're not looking for the fillers that get schlopped onto the end of albums. We want the more popular tunes that, in retrospect, just make you want to shove BBQ skewers into your ear canals.

An example besides Dirty Laundry? Try a little "Ebony and Ivory" or "Dancing on the Ceiling." Cringing yet? How about "Broken Wings" by Mr. Mister? Whoa. I feel sick.

Want some clues about more songs we're eyeing? At least four songs by Lionel Richie. Two by David Lee Roth. Two by Loverboy. And even two tunes by Billy Joel.

Leave your song suggestion as a "comment" and check back later this week as we begin the most comprehensive list of evil known to mankind.

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