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When 2005 met 2006



It's that night again. New Year's Eve. A night that's overrated second only to your senior prom. At least you probably don't have to rent a tux or buy a gown tonight. Though a limo or taxi will seem like money well spent after your earlier strategy of "really good tequila never gets me drunk" goes horribly awry.

There's only one 80s movie that I can think of that revolves around New Year's Eve. Thankfully, it's the 1989 classic "When Harry Met Sally." (For all the reasons Gina loves "Heathers", I love "When Harry Met Sally.")

And the reasons would be:
1) New location. For most of the 80s, I was obsessed with the city of Chicago through the eyes of director John Hughes. This movie, on the other hand, gives 80s fans the first real urge to live in NYC. (One trip there will wipe that urge right out though.)
2) Great soundtrack. Unlike Heathers, Harry/Sally has REAL music ... the classic music of the then-obscure Harry Connick Jr. (Yeah, I have the soundtrack sitting around here somewhere.)
3) Fantastic writing and direction. Nora Ephron and Rob Reiner's best work.
4) Plenty of quotable lines. Give Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan their due. But watch out for the great zingers from Carrie Fischer ("I will never want that wagon-wheel coffee table") and Bruno Kirby ("You made a woman meow?").

Now that I've sold you on the movie, take my advice and don't watch it tonight. If you're alone, it will only depress you (see tequila warning above). If you're involved with someone, see the next top 5 list...

5 reasons guys can't watch this movie with their significant other:
5) New York. A great city to watch in a movie. But now she'll want to know why you haven't taken her there for a shopping vacation yet. (Doesn't that question answer itself?)
4) High maintenance or low maintenance? Sally is high maintenance, and now you-know-who wants to know which one you think she is. (Hint: If she's asking, she's high maintenance. Otherwise, she wouldn't care.)
3) Harry's sense of humor. It's hilarious. And laughing at half those jokes -- "No, you pretty much want to nail them too" -- will have you ringing in the New Year on the sofa with a blanket and pillow.
2) The whole romantic comedy genre. This movie is a diamond in the rough. Meaning, show too much enjoyment and suddenly "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You Got Mail" are coming to a DVD player near you. Let's just not go there today.
1) The whole "Men can't be friends with women without wanting to have sex with them." Best not to open that can of worms.

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