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Which '80s TV shows had the best finales?

Nobody likes saying goodbye to their fave TV show, but -- unless you're a Simpsons fan, I guess -- an ending is inevitable. So which were the best TV finales of the '80s?

For the purposes of today's question, I'm willing to include shows that ended in the '80s (M*A*S*H is one) and shows that began in the '80s but ended in other decades (Cheers for example) ... as well as shows that began and ended in our beloved fairytale past.

(A little secret: Go ahead and add in your fave endings of shows from other decades too. We'll consider them as a separate category. And suggest the worst finales too. Yet another category.)

Here are five that come to mind quickly worth considering:

M*A*S*H (Feb. 28, 1983): I got suckered into watching this show because my parents were fans. I still remember being assigned the chore of videotaping the finale for them, making sure to pause the recording so that commercials wouldn't be included.

Snowglobe ST. ELSEWHERE (May 25, 1988): That damn snow globe. I never got emotionally invested in another medical series EVER. No wonder I hate the sight of hospitals to this day. (Well, that and their nasty smelling antibacterial soap.)

CHEERS (May 20, 1993): All the plot lines are tidied up. That's a bonus. But cue the waterworks when Sam says "Sorry, we're closed" to one final customer. Still gives me chills.

Newhart NEWHART (May 21, 1990): I gotta admit, I watched maybe one episode of this entire series. But when Newhart awakes with his old TV wife Suzanne Pleshette to tell her about a crazy dream he had about being an innkeeper ... well, that just renewed my faith in humanity.

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (May 21, 1994): Ever fiber in my nerd soul sat poised on the edge of the dingy couch in my former Lair to watch this episode. And it didn't disappoint. Q returns. Capt. Picard is forced to find and defeat a threat to humanity's very existence. And Picard's final line to end the series: "I should have done this a long time ago ... So, five card stud, nothing wild. And the sky's the limit."

Awwww, stop crying, Spearsy! ... Okay, I've had my say. Take it away, gang.

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