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Which bands don't belong in our 80s albums for '80s fans list?



Hooters14 Time to make some tough decisions. As we continue to take your suggestions for our list of 80s albums that every '80s fan should own, one question keeps popping up:

Are there best-selling bands from our decade that -- after 20-some years of perspective -- simply won't belong on our list?

I'm not suggesting you melt your CDs down and use the residue to make toy trucks for children of the unemployed masses of Michigan. And some certainly qualify as guilty pleasures (perhaps guilty enough to win you a Mixa Tap). But a truly great band, they're simply not.

I need your suggestions of who to throw out of our exclusive clique. Be harsh. Channel your inner Steff from Pretty in Pink. ("You're a bitch!"). Here are some that come to mind.

THE HOOTERS: Mandolins are evil. Hitler played a mandolin. So did Gengis Khan. I think there's even a mandolin in Wrath of Khan!

BAD ENGLISH: I love John Waite, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Ricky Phillips and Deen Castronovo. Separately. Or as Journey. And I'll never turn off When I See You Smile, but I'm pretty sure even these guys would bow out of this list.

STARSHIP: A few great tunes, but no great albums in the '80s. Oh, you're thinking maybe Knee Deep in the Hoopla belongs, but it had just two hits. And some people still get violent when they hear We Built This City.

CINDERELLA: They had two triple-platinum albums in the '80s -- Night Songs and Long Cold Winter -- but let's face it, if I give you five years, you probably can't name three songs off each album. (Even if I tell you that there's a title cut on each album.)

CULTURE CLUB: Okay, Colour By Numbers was certified platinum six times over. And maybe it's just the way the band (and Boy George) self-destructed over the years that taints our memories of Culture Club. Or maybe they were irritating all along.

So you tell me: Which bands don't belong on the list of 80s albums that every '80s fan should own?

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