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Which Heather Locklear reigns supreme?




Heather Locklear might have the most perfect '80s name of any star from our favorite decade. Sassy, yet razor-sharp. Of course, the rest of her ain't bad either.

Heather never gets her due for her work in the '80s, mainly because it was spread out over nearly every iconic TV show of the decade. She appeared on CHiPs, Eight Is Enough, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island ... even The Fall Guy. Not a bad resume for someone who turns 47 years old today.

But here's the thing: If you had to pick just one Heather Locklear of the '80s, and you had to pick between her two longest gigs, which would it be: Heather from T.J. Hooker ... or Heather from Dynasty? Let's break it down.

It had William Shatner ... and Adrian Zmed, thus giving it instant Hall of Fame status as an '80s guilty pleasure.
DYNASTY: Oil barons! Sex! Deceit! Greed! More sex! How come an unrated version was never released on DVD?!?
ADVANTAGE: Dynasty ... I don't want to turn my back on Shatner, but man cannot live on Kirk alone.

Sounds so close to Officer Stacy Spears. That would have worked out nicely.
SAMANTHA JOSEPHINE DEAN REECE CARRINGTON FALLMONT: With so many name changes, she sounds like a former Mrs. Spears. So just call her "Sammy Jo," because that almost makes her unsexy, though physics professors at MIT have already proved that's impossible.
ADVANTAGE: T.J. Hooker ... because who can say no to a woman who knows how to use handcuffs.

Dynasty T.J. HOOKER:
Hair parted right down the middle, feathered back. An innocent smile. Will you go to the prom with me, Officer Sheridan?
DYNASTY: It's like she walked straight in from her audition for Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard. Well, cut-off jeans work in Texas too. God bless the Lone Star State.
ADVANTAGE: Oh come on now, did you really think I was going to make a stand on this one?

[Publicity photo courtesy of Fox]

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