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Which John Carpenter movies ruled the '80s?



Escape from New YorkRemember the list of 80 must-see movies of the '80s we started work on a while back? It's almost done and will debut on Aug. 13. But first, there's a lingering question we need to answer:

Which John Carpenter movies should make the list? I don't have room for ALL of them.

For now, let's assume I have room for just two. (Hey, not all the John Hughes movies are making the list either.) So I need your help. Which do you want on our list of 80 movies of the '80s? 

ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK: My personal pick. Snake Pliskin won't be denied.

THE THING: Definitely a favorite of the fanboys.

THE FOG: Maybe an underdog to make the list? 

BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA: You're gonna have to twist my arm pretty hard.

THEY LIVE: I'm all outta bubblegum.

There are some others to choose from. But those have to be the favorites. Sound off on your picks!

[Last modified: Tuesday, August 3, 2010 2:09pm]


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