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Which year felt more like the '80s? 1989 ... or 1979?



The KnackThe most controversial letter ever to Stuck in the '80s! That's what Alex Cardoso Solis from Tijuana, Mexico, promised in his e-mail. I wouldn't call it controversial, but Alex does have a great idea for our next podcast. Here's what he wrote.

Dear Steve and Sean. This just might get me kick-off stuck in the 80s but here it goes: I have been waiting for six month for "the horrible hits of 1989" because I knew they would be horroble and they were. [Click here to listen.]

And having all ready heard about the best and worst music of the '80s, I would like you to investigate the best and the worst of 1979. Would it be possible to "grandfather out" 1989 and "grandfather in" 1979?
My bet is that 1979 is more '80s-ish that 1989 was. Hoping for the best .... Alex Cardoso Solis

So what does Stuck in the '80s Nation think? Is 1979 more '80s than 1989? Should we do a special show on 1979?

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