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Who made who? Duran Duran vs. MTV



Among casual fans of the boys from Birmingham, there's an ongoing debate: Did MTV make Duran Duran into New Romantic superstars? Or was it vice versa?

DD came on strong right at the beginning of the MTV Revolution, and their videos for Hungry Like the Wolf, Rio and Save a Prayer set records for production budgets. Finally, MTV could stop running cheesy old concert videos of REO Speedwagon and Styx and have original content.

At the same time, you can argue that MTV helped Duran Duran too. After all, in the '80s, the better looking you were, the more you appeared on Music Television. And just mutter the words "John Taylor" to any red-blooded female between the ages of 30 and 45 today and watch them swoon.

In 2003, the band and the network were finally joined in holy wedlock when MTV surprised the band with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

As we prepare to record today's Stuck in the '80s podcast, which features an interview with former guitarist Andy Taylor (who will share his opinion on the matter in question), the debate rages on. But one voice out in the sunny Caribbean cries out. Yes, "Jeff in Cuba" is back with another killer pre-podcast commentary.

Click here to download and listen. Because he's "Jeff in Cuba" ... and he's right.

[Image from MTV presentation]

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