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Who started the '80s: Darth Vader or Bruce the shark?




I saw this photo illustration of Darth Vader on the Almost Nerdy Facebook page today and thought: "Hell, I'm posting that on the blog; my work today is done." But guilt has gotten the better of me and I'm forced to ask a question that continues to bug me: Assuming you subscribe to the official Stuck in the '80s theory that the 1980s pop culture generation didn't really begin on Jan. 1, 1980, and rather began in the mid-'70s, with the coming of punk rock, blockbuster movies and the seedling of artster bands like the Cars and Talking Heads, then maybe Darth Vader and Star Wars actually gave birth to the '80s in 1977. (That's also the same year as the debut albums by The Clash and Talking Heads and Never Mind the Bullocks by the Sex Pistols.)

jaws0002.jpgOr, perhaps credit is due to Jaws in 1975, featuring a troublesome mechanical shark known far-from-lovingly as "Bruce." Hollywood and America had never seen a blockbuster until that movie sent millions of people screaming away from the beaches.

Or, be a pepper and say the '80s didn't begin until MTV began broadcasting. That's certainly an argument there as well. Without music videos, the '80s as we know them never happened.

Anyone else have a better year/milestone to begin the era we know and love as the '80s?


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