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Who wants to hear from Jackie Mason?



Jackiemason Comedian Jackie Mason is coming to the bay area in January, and Stuck in the 80s has been offered an interview with him. The question for you, my friends, is this: Should we have Jackie Mason as a guest on the podcast?

I know not everyone likes our interview shows. And when you think of the 80s comedians, I'm not sure Jackie Mason comes to mind quickly.

Mason, who later won an Emmy playing Krusty the Clown's dad on The Simpsons, did make a number of film appearances during the decade, including History of the World Part 1. But of course, the one role that always comes to mind is from that dreadful 1988 sequel to Caddyshack.

I don't blame Mason for that mess of a movie. (I certainly don't blame the Kenny Loggins' theme song -- "Nobody's Fool" -- excellent stuff!). But man, has a classic movie ever been more thoroughly ravaged by a sequel than is this case? (When Randy Quaid can't save a movie, you're doomed.)

Mason is easily one of the top 50 stand-up comedians of all time. But my last comedian interview -- with Andrew Dice Clay -- was a disaster. So I'm torn.

I'm leaving it up to you: Jackie Mason -- yea or nay for Stuck in the 80s?

Meanwhile, because I'm obliged to give you real content...


5. "We're talking mucho dinero, and probably some American money too."

4. "Take chances. I'm insured."

3. "Golf, golf... what kinda name is 'golf' anyway? Sounds like a sound you make when you've got something caught in your throat."

2. "That's my policy exactly. You see, that way, when we're captured, and they attach the twelve-volt car batteries to our testicles... which can, does, and... has happened... then we can honestly say we had nothing to do with it."

1. "When can we get the power turned back on? That's hard to say, huh? Well, tell me something. Is it as hard to say as "Oh, my god! Somebody help me! There's a man in my office with a flamethrower' "?

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