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Who was the Sanjaya of the 80s?




Sanjaya Fever continues to run amok in 2007, quickly making this the year the entire world would unanimously agree to fast forward to Dec. 31 if it meant we could finally stop talking about American Idol's dry-look teen dream.

But it makes you wonder too: Did the 80s have its own Sanjaya Malakar? Surely we had some overrated, no-talent pretty boys floating around, causing acid-reflux among general populace. I'm not talking about singers -- that's giving the San-Man too much credit. He's as close to a singer as I am to being a tap-dancing beaver.

The Top 10 80s acting versions of Sanjaya Malakar:

1macchio 10. Ralph Macchio: Did you catch Macchio's cameo on Entourage? Mr. Miyagi say: "Ah, Daniel-san ... you not age well." High point: "Karate Kid." Low point: "Crossroads."

2marewinningham 9. Mare Winningham: Secretly the hottest girl on "St. Elmo's Fire" and she was the virgin? Cruel, cruel world. High point: "Turner & Hooch." Low point: "Wyatt Earp."

3foreman 8. Deborah Foreman: Could have easily been declared hottest actress of the 80s -- had she kept acting. High point: "Valley Girl." Low point: "April Fool's Day."

4phoebecates 7. Phoebe Cates: Chalk her up with Deborah Foreman on the "where are they now" board, just higher on the list thanks to the pool scene in "Fast Times." High point: "Fast Times at Ridgemont High." Low point: "Date With An Angel."

5amanda 6. Amanda Peterson: The beautiful "Cindy Mancini" in "Can't Buy Me Love." Current whereabouts are unknown, though there are plenty of rumors. High point: "Can't Buy Me Love." Low point: "Explorers."

6jumpstreet 5. Johnny Depp: Long before he became perhaps the world's best actor, Depp was the ultimate pretty face. High point: "Ed Wood." Low point: "21 Jump Street," "Private Resort."

7kirkcameron 4. Kirk Cameron: So much potential for the little boy from "Beyond Witch Mountain." Alas, forever known as "Mike Seaver." High point: "Growing Pains." Low point: "Like Father, Like Son."

8willieaames 3. Willie Aames: If Charles really is in charge, then what was Willie doing on the show? Doing his friend a solid. High point: "Zapped." Low point: "Charles in Charge."

9atkins 2. Christopher Atkins: Parodied to perfection in "Top Secret." But I still can't scrape the image of him in a loin-cloth out of my 80s-saturated mind. High point: "Blue Lagoon." Low point: "The Pirate Movie."

10coreys 1. Corey Feldman & Corey Haim: What more can be said about these guys? I can only imagine Sanjaya has a photo of them in his dressing room. High point: "The Lost Boys." Low point: "Dream a Little Dream."

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