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Who was the ultimate '80s couple?



Wonder_twins1 The day all us '80s addicts fear most -- Valentine's Day -- is almost here. Why do we hate it more than those younger and older than us? Because we've been tortured by love gone bad, baby! There's a reason the J. Geils Band did Love Stinks in the '80s. Because it does!

Gary driving away alone at the end of Last American Virgin. Sad ol' Duckie listening to the Smiths on his nasty mattress in Pretty in Pink. Damone getting his car vandalized in Fast Times at Ridgemont High just because he "forgot" to drive Stacy to the abortion clinic. You ladies are heartless!

So this year for the Stuck in the '80s Valentine's Day podcast, we're going to try to turn the karma around and celebrate the "Top 10 Couples of the '80s." You know, the ones where the love never died -- like Sean and Madonna, Donald and Ivana, Eddie and Valerie. Ah, amore!

So drop us a comment with your nominations for best (or even worst) couples of the '80s. They can be fictional (Dave and Maddie, for example) or real-life couples (Burt and Loni? Sean Daly and Molly Sherman? Spearsy and Nummy Nummy Girl?). Bonus points for anyone finding couples that are still together. (And no, "Wonder Twins" Zan and Jayna don't count as being "together." You're just being creepy now.)

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