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Whoa, this is heavy: Ralph Macchio starring in 'Back to the Future'



Back to the future It's no secret that many classic '80s movies went through several casting crisis moments before deciding on the actual stars who would become the famous faces of the flicks.

The role of "Marty McFly" in Back to the Future, for example, was actually offered to Ralph Macchio, who turned it down. (Real smart, Daniel-San.) The movie started filming with Eric Stoltz as Marty until Michael J. Fox took over the role and gave it the proper comic emphasis. (Stoltzie, you need to lighten up!) is having some fun today with a fake movie posters featuring the stars who first were offered the iconic roles. Included in their roundup:

  • Tom Cruise (instead of Kevin Bacon) as "Ren" in Footloose.
  • Tom Hanks (instead of Kevin Costner) in Field of Dreams.
  • Even Madonna (instead of Michelle Pfeiffer) in The Fabulous Baker Boys.

Click here to see their posters.

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