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A whole different kind of Buck Rogers



Buck2 Here's the latest '80s remake news: Buck Rogers is set for another big-screen treatment by Frank Miller and Odd Lot Entertainment.

Okay, okay. Buck Rogers isn't solely an '80s phenomenon. In fact, the movie with Gil Gerard -- Buck Rogers in the 25th Century -- came out in 1979, but the TV series lasted into the early '80s. For now, only a big-screen remake is planned.

With Miller involved, we can expect a dark, Sin City-like treatment, which sounds interesting if not a little bit inappropriate. Pamela_hensleyI mean, it's Buck Rogers! Bring back Erin Gray! Bring back Twiki! Whatever you do, bring back someone like Pamela Hensley to play Princess Ardala! (I'm pretty sure she's solely responsible for me reaching puberty -- and for that premature mustache I sported during high school.)

[Last modified: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 2:41pm]


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