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Why is Adam Ant crying? (And why is he naked?)



Adam_ant_1 You gotta love the Internet. You can find just about anything here. So how do people tend to find my blog? Here are the top searches last week that ended up sending people to Stuck in the 80s:


  • "Adam Ant crying naked"
  • "Steve Guttenberg nude"
  • "Why did Andy leave Duran Duran"
  • "Huey Lewis t-shirts"
  • "Susanna Hoffs nude"
  • "Linda Hamilton nude"
  • "Monchichi commercial"
  • "Diane Keaton nude"
  • "What kind of sunglasses did Kevin Costner wear in the movie Tin Cup"
  • "Jamie Gertz topless"
  • "Diane Franklin nude"

It should be noted that the only actual thing from the above searches you'll find on this blog is ... no, not Susanna Hoffs nude. It's "why did Andy Taylor leave Duran Duran."

Costner I'm not sure which search phrase worries me most. Sadly, it's probably the "Kevin Costner sunglasses" search. Shellylong That's important enough to Google the web? The Adam Ant search is just plain funny. And ironically, if you do search for "Adam Ant crying naked," you get a link to a nice, leggy photo of Shelley Long. That's the Internet for you.

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