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Why didn't Cindy Morgan, David Warner return for Tron: Legacy? Cindy speaks!



Cindy Morgan from TronCindy Morgan was one of the stars of Tron back in 1982, along with Jeff Bridges, Bruce Boxleitner and David Warner. So when Disney went to make a sequel in 2010, it was assumed they'd go back for the same faces. Bridges returns in Tron: Legacy. So does Bruce.

But where are Warner and Morgan? Looks like it could remain a mystery. Bridges, during one interview, spoke briefly of wanting Warner back for the sequel, but there's no word from the 69-year-old actor on why he didn't return as Sark.

As for Morgan .... it turns out nobody called her at all.

"This is what happened," Morgan reveals now in an interview with "I knew it was coming up, I knew it was coming for a while and people were asking me in the press 'Are you going to be in the movie?' and I said 'My phone works. I haven’t heard anything yet.' "

Morgan played "Lora" (Boxleitner's love interest and former Bridges flame) in the real world and "Yori" in the computer grid.

"Some decision was made in some office – it could have been something arbitrary, it could have been something else, but for whatever reason, the decision was made," Morgan said.

Morgan, who is reportedly putting the finishing touches on a book about the flick Caddyshack (in which she played Lacey Underall), says she has fond memories of Tron -- except for one line of dialog she badly wanted cut from the film.

"When I say the line, 'Oh Tron, I knew there wasn't a circuit built that could hold you,' the audience laughs every time because they can hear me choking on the line. They can hear it."

Click here to read the full interview by Christine Michele. Click here to visit Cindy Morgan's official website.

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