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Why Lacey Underall goes bra-less and other essential 'Caddyshack' questions answered



Cindy Morgan in CaddyshackIt's been 31 years since Caddyshack hit movie theaters and we STILL continue to learn fun facts about this classic comedy. Last night on TV, AMC aired the Chevy Chase/Bill Murray classic along with "story notes" containing all sorts of fun trivia, like ...

Actress Ann Ryerson, who held the Baby Ruth candybar before it's thrown into the country club's pool and mistaken for a "doodie," says "I have been unable to eat chocolate since that day." Vivid!

Thankfully, Cindy Morgan, who played the morally relaxed character of Lacey Underall, has linked to the full set of story notes from her Facebook page. You can read the whole list online, but here are...


5. WHY LACEY DIDN'T WEAR A BRA: "It was 1979, and women had just burned their bras," Morgan said. "It was a political statement more than anything."

Michael O'Keefe in Caddyshack4. MICHAEL O'KEEFE QUIT PLAYING GOLF AFTERWARD: The actor who played Danny Noonan says he stayed away from golf for 25 years after Caddyshack. He wasn't into the "pressure of having everyone come out of the pro shop to watch."

3. HOW TO MAKE A BULLSHOT: The favorite drink of Al Czervik (Rodney Dangerfield) is a Bullshot, made by mixing vodka, cold beef bouillon, salt and pepper.

2. MURRAY'S LINES WERE IMPROVED: In the role of assistant groundskeeper Carl Spackler, Murray was on set for just six days and he had no scripted lines. The director would just leave the camera on him and let it roll.

1. DIRECTOR HAROLD RAMIS RECEIVED TOTAL CONSCIOUSNESS: Years after making the movie, Ramis had the opportunity to spend time with the actual Dalai Lama. He said the Lama's monks were confused about the famous "Gunga galunga" speech because the "Dalai Lama doesn't play golf."


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