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Will Dave and Maddie do it one more time?



Moonlighting_12 Moonlighting -- the TV series -- soon could become Moonlighting -- the movie. Why? Because Hollywood ran out of fresh ideas about the day after Bill Murray's Groundhog's Day hit theaters. reports that Bruce Willis and Cybill Shepherd are happy with the idea of reuniting for a movie adaption of their breakthrough roles. Word has it the reunion would be a made-for-TV movie, but that if interest swells (we're betting it won't), it could reach the big screen.

The TV series lasted from 1985 to 1989, but saw ratings sleep after "Dave" and "Maddie" finally slept together at the end of Season 3. A TV writers strike in 1988 seemed to suck the rest of the momentum out of it.

Is America ready to see the resurrection of "Blue Moon Detective Agency?"

"It would be perfect -- get a good story, do a good job making it, and you'll kill a lot of birds with one cinematic stone -- lovers of comedic thrillers, romance, and the original show, plus the baby boomers who are woefully left out of most Hollywood fare," writes Cinematical blogger Monika Bartyzel.

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