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Will we really see Josh Hutcherson and the 'Red Dawn' remake on Nov. 2?



red-dawn-new-cast-500x330.jpgRed Dawn fans -- oh, I know you're out there. The latest news is that the remake of our beloved '80s flick about teenage guerrillas in World War 3 is due out -- for sure, like totally -- on Nov. 2. Yes, 2012.

I could explain the delay in a bunch of details, but here's the short version: money. The studio who made it, MGM, didn't have enough of the green stuff to release it. And so they unloaded it finally on another distributor.

The good news, though, is that a November release date is a prestigious destination for a movie like this, so the thinking is that it's better than originally believed. Plus, it will have the added star power of Josh Hutcherson, who is the next teen idol thanks to his role as "Peeta" in The Hunger Games. And even Josh is saying it's a good movie.

Josh plays "Robert," the character originally played by C. Thomas Howell in 1984's version.

"I shot it three years ago, so that was quite awhile [ago]," Hutcherson told "It's cool, it's a really cool movie. It's something that I'm really proud of. I'm excited for it finally to come out. ...I saw a version of it, it's probably been a year ago at this point. I think they've made some changes since then. But I like it. It's very action-packed, it's a very exciting movie, and the characters, you really care about them. And to me in a movie, especially in an action film, it's important to have characters you care about, so when you see them get shot, you see them get hit, you actually [go]...'oh my god, my character that I like is gonna get killed!'"

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Still, after so many disappointments along the way, you have to wonder if the film will finally shake off its dust and hit theaters on Nov. 2. If I were the distributor, I'd aim for a release date closer to summer, while Hunger Games fever is still red hot. But hey, that's why I write a blog and they live in the Hollywood Hills and eat Red Velvet pancakes for breakfast every morning. Still, we'll see who's right come November.

[Last modified: Saturday, April 7, 2012 12:05pm]


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