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Winona Ryder can't stop talking about 'Heathers'



It's the '80s movie that refuses to die. Even after a mighty dose of drain cleaner. Heathers is back out there again, this time with star Winona Ryder talking about it with Interview magazine.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

HOW THE ORIGINAL HEATHERS HAPPENED: "Heathers came around when I got the script from Michael McDowell, who wrote Beetlejuice. I read it before it went out to people and I freaked out. ... And at first they didn’t want me. It’s actually on the commentary for the DVD, which is kind of nuts. Dan [Waters, who wrote Heathers] and Michael are talking about casting me, and they say something like, 'Remember how we didn’t think she was pretty enough?' ” 

IMPACT OF HEATHERS ON RYDER'S CAREER: "That movie probably did a lot more for me than I even knew at the time. It never made any money when it came out—it made like a couple million dollars—but I felt like everyone saw it. Some people were even offended by it. I mean, it is very ’80s, but I think it totally holds up."

WILL THERE BE A SEQUEL: "I have always wanted to make a sequel, and I’m always bugging Dan and Michael about it. I mean, the only way I would ever do it is if it was the same group of people ... I guess it’s probably not going to happen."

THE LEGACY OF HEATHERS: "We were joking about taglines on the set, and we came up with one that was, ‘Love. Lust. Murder. Heathers: The Last Teen Film.’ We really wanted to make the teen film to end all teen films."

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