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The women of 'Wall Street': Money never sleeps, but these characters often do



Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

With Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps opening this weekend, and every critic in the land comparing the 2010 sequel with the 1987 classic, it's time to consider another angle of analysis: a distinctivly feminine one. I'm talking about the women of Wall Street.

Oliver Stone is an incredibly entertaining filmmaker, but he's unlikely to ever be called a natural talent when it comes to writing and directing female characters. The good news, femme fans, is that he makes a lot of progress this time around. Avoid any important spoilers, here's an analysis of the women of Wall Street:

Daryl Hannah in Wall StreetDARIEN TAYLOR (1987)
Actress: Daryl Hannah
Memorable line: "When you've had money and lost it, it can be much worse than never having had it at all!"
Analysis: A gold-digger whose heart softens a little for Bud Fox, but who ultimately refuses to turn against former lover/mealticket Gekko.
Current whereabouts: Unknown. Not mentioned in 2010 film.

Sean Young in Wall StreetKATE GEKKO
Actress: Sean Young
Memorable line: "Put him in that cute little sailor suit."
Analysis: Seemingly happy but clueless wife to Gordon Gekko, she did little in the first film except host a cocktail party and shindig at the pool and boss around the nanny.
Current whereabouts: Divorced from Gekko, but otherwise unseen.

Sylvia Miles in Wall StreetTHE REALTOR (1987, 2010)
Actress: Sylvia Miles
Memorable line: "I mean what do you got on the West Side? Sean and Madonna?"
Analysis: She's a real estate agent. She's after Bud Fox's wallet and nothing more.
Current whereabouts: She does appear again, as a Realtor, in the sequel.

Carey Mulligan in Wall Street Money Never SleepsWINNIE GEKKO (2010):
Actress: Carey Mulligan
Analysis: There's something about that Gekko bloodline. Like her dad, Winnie is strong-willed and confident, but her heart can still be broken. Unlike her dad, she fights the good fight for a non-profit cause, something that probably keeps Dad up late at night with acid reflux.

Susan Sarandon in Wall Street Money Never SleepsJAKE'S MOTHER (2010):
Actress: Susan Sarandon
Analysis: A former nurse turned real estate speculator, Jake's mom is burned by the collapsing housing market, forcing her to turn to son to help bail her out. In the end, with little fanfare or reward, she does the right thing, which is a theme familiar to both movies.

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