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Woody Allen in the '80s: "If it bends, it's funny..."



Woody Allen in the '80sIn one week, the list of 80 must-see movies of the '80s will be published on Stuck in the '80s. Only one problem: The rough draft right now has ZERO movies by Woody Allen. Oversight or wise move? 

Allen had several great flicks in the '80s. Hannah and Her Sisters for starters. But also the darker Crimes and Misdemeanors. Also A Midsummer's Night Sex Comedy, Zelig, Broadway Danny Rose, The Purple Rose of Cairo, Radio Days ... it's not like he wasn't turning out good stuff in our decade. So I need your help ...

Is a Woody Allen movie a good example of an '80s movie? Or all they more timeless? That's what I need your input on. Which Woody Allen movies, if any, should make the list of 80s must-see movies of the '80s?

Here's some inspiration...


5. "I love baseball. You know, it doesn't have to mean anything. It's just very beautiful to watch." (Zelig)

4. "Who is Pearl Harbor?" (Radio Days)

3. "Sex alleviates tension and love causes it." (A Midsummer's Night Sex Comedy)

2. "If Jesus came back and saw what's going on in his name, he'd never stop throwing up." (Hannah and Her Sisters)

1. "If it bends, it's funny. If it breaks, it isn't." (Crimes and Misdemeanors)

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