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The worst-ever list of the best-ever romantic comedies of the '80s



Is Somewhere in Time the most romantic movie of the '80s? Ugh. Did I really just ask that? Since when did I start wearing a dress on Sundays?

The historic Tampa Theatre must think so. They're playing the Jane Seymour/Christopher Reeve classic from 1980 today at 3 p.m. If you hear endless weeping coming from the 10th row, that's probably me. I never turn down a chance to see this one. has named its picks for the top 10 romantic comedies of the '80s. I can't say I agree with too many of these:

URBAN COWBOY: John Travolta and Debra Winger are great, but I think a movie that includes spousal abuse, dead oil riggers and an electric bull sets the wrong tone for Valentine's Day. Plus, I still get creeped out when Winger says, "Momma, my legs are sweatin'!"

LITTLE DARLINGS: God knows I love Kristy McNichol, but a movie about losing one's virginity at summer camp?

BLIND DATE: Seriously? This just made Moviefone's list of the WORST romantic comedies of all time.

SAY ANYTHING: No arguments here. Lili Taylor, call me!

MY CHAUFFEUR: It's fair to say I love any movie with the adorable Deborah Foreman in it. But why not pick Valley Girl instead of this one? (I'm thinking of getting the movie poster of this, though, for the Lair.)

THE SURE THING: Picking two John Cusack movies of the list? Good thinking.

KEY EXCHANGE: I've honestly never heard of this 1985 movie starring Ben Masters, Danny Aiello and Daniel Stern. Help?

MAID TO ORDER: Ally Sheedy deserved better material than this.

BULL DURHAM: Sorry. Always though of this as a baseball movie first, a rom-com second.

What's wrong with this top 10 list from -- aside from them not being good picks? Yeah, their list only has 9 movies.

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