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Worst movies of the 80s



ShatnerI'm feeling a little crabby. There's a hurricane headed toward us here in Florida, nobody liked my blog item about football movies, Comedy Central bleeped all the profanity out of the Roast of William Shatner and I'm all out of Diet Coke. This is no way to start a work week.

So it's time to take out a little frustration on poor little Hollywood again. We here at Stuck in the 80s like to glorify the movies of our favorite decade, but we're also the first to admit that for every innocent Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles there was a psychotic Molly Ringwald in Fresh Horses. Tom Cruise spices up Risky Business, but he stinks up the joint in Legend.

What we want from you is your list of worst movies from the 80s. As always, we'll add your recommendations to our list and soon hit you with the ultimate list of stink-bombs. (Check out our lists of worst songs of the 80s and best videos of the 80s for examples.)

116571 A few suggested guidelines if you will: Sure, sequels naturally suck. Some entire franchises -- Porky's, Friday the 13th, Police Academy -- deserve to be on the list. Try to concentrate on the solo projects for extra points. Everyone hated Jaws: The Revenge. But it takes a really deranged studio exec to greenlight Yes, Giorgio.

It's easy and perhaps healthy to block out movies like Heartbeeps, Rhinestone, Leonard Part 6 and Popeye, but we're asking you to take one for the team and relive the horror for us one last time.

So drop us a comment with the real mutts and tune in soon for the completed list.

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