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Would Journey welcome back Steve Perry with open arms? (Even if he can't sing 'Open Arms')



Steve Perry and JourneyThe '80s world revolves around Journey vs. Steve Perry news, so today brings us some interesting comments from rock producer Kevin Shirley, who has worked with a slew of bands, including Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, Jimmy Page and yes, of course, Journey too. Here are the relevant quotes from a recent interview with

ON STEVE PERRY'S VOICE: "Steve Perry developed, and he reached the point where he…you know, people's voices change. You look at a guy like Robert Plant, who's doing his Alison Krauss thing now. In 1969 he was doing the Whole Lotta Love Thing, and he just doesn't do that anymore. Same thing with Steve Perry, who probably struggles to do Open Arms now. He was probably scared to go out there and have trouble doing what people wanted."

ON A REUNION RUMORS WITH JOURNEY: "Well, that's just that - a rumor. But I can tell you he's still a key component of the decision-making part of the band. Nothing gets played or released without Steve Perry signing off on it. I'm not privy to the details of their arrangement, but I can tell you this: if Steve Perry wanted to be back singing with Journey, everybody would find a way to make that happen."

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