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16candlesIt's just the holiday season without a little toy talk. And no, not the kind that require two C batteries and an adult ID to buy.


First, click here to listen to our special "Toys and Games of the 80s" podcast from last December. (Don't blame me if you can't stop singing the Mon-chi-chi song afterward.) While you're enjoying the re-run, check out these 80s-oriented stocking stuffer ideas:

Sixteen Candles Talking Keychain: It's been featured here before, but I can't get enough of it. "Farmer Ted" rules. Plus, it has Long Duk Dong's "Ohhhh, sexy girlfriend!" on it. Price: $9.89. (There's also a Blues Brothers talking keychain on the same webpage. Click here for more info.

Acdcaction AC/DC action figures: Brian Johnson tipped us off to the existence of these during our fantastic interview with him. (Click here to listen.) I wonder if Angus would fit into my Millennium Falcon toy. For those about to rock, it'll cost about $30. Click here to view.

Rubik's Cube: Back in the early 80s, could anyone have foreseen we'd still be playing with these evil puzzles 25 years into the future? The Cube can be found at just about any retailer for $10. (Target has the special anniversary edition here.) But if you want to know all there is to know about the puzzle's history, visit its official website.

Merlin Merlin Electronic Puzzle: I can't believe these still exist -- and look pretty much exactly as they did when I owned one in the early 80s. My claim to fame? I could program Merlin to play the Olympic Anthem. For $12, I can do it again. Click to view.

Roller Skates: No, not in-line skates. That are for people young enough to still have balance. I'm talking old-school skates -- "quad skates" as they're called these days. My most treasured present of the 80s: A pair of Blue Devil speedskates. Click here to see what I'm talking about. Back then, they cost $99. These days? Pretty much the same!

Micro Machines: I never got the attraction -- they're just like regular toys ... only much, much smaller. Wouldn't much, much bigger be better? They still sell these, including a special Classic Star Wars set for about $25.

Gobots: Before the Transformers came the Gobots, with its own TV show and everything. What's the difference? Ummm, none really except that Gobots are no longer made. (Plus, Gobots is a better 80s name). Click to view.

Greatestamericanhero 80s TV Shows: They're all available on DVD now. From Dynasty to WKRP in Cincinnati to Greatest American Hero. (I'm still waiting for the DVD of "Double Trouble" to come out. Gotta love Jean Sagal and Liz Sagal as "Kate and Allison Foster.")

What toys from the 80s would you still buy today?

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