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Yo, Adrian! Happy 65th birthday to Talia Shire



Talia Shire as AdrianAsk Rocky, Clubber Lang, Mickey, Ivan Drago and Apollo Creed, because they'd all surely agree: Adrian Pennino was one tough broad. (Yeah, "Pennino" was the last name of Adrian and Paulie ... who knew?)

Say what you like about some of the sports movies cliches that the Rocky franchise gave us, but gives two gloved thumbs-up for the job that Talia Shire did in portraying the evolving character of Adrian. From quiet pet shop clerk to supportive girlfriend to a strong-as-steel matriarch of the Balboa family, it's a movie role to savor.

And while Shire did have a number of other memorable roles, I bet few people come up and ask her to autograph photos of Connie Corleone Rizzi from the Godfather story. It doesn't hurt that Shire has movies in her blood. The sister of Francis Ford Coppola (and aunt to Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola) scored two Oscar nominations for her work in Rocky and the Godfather. (She's also been nominated for three Razzie awards -- twice for playing Adrian. Go figure.)

Shire turns 65 years old today. Let's give her a top 5 list worthy of a Rocky fanfare.


5. "If he goes blind, Paulie, you walk away; I love him, you don't!"

4. "Even if you win what have you won, Apollo's still gone."

3. "All those beatings you took in the ring, I took them with you! ... All those fighters you beat, you beat 'em with heart, not muscle!"

2. "What do I owe you, Paulie? What do I owe you? I treat you good! I cook for you! I cleaned for you! I pick up your dirty clothes! I take care of ya, Paulie! I don't owe you nothin'! And you made me feel like a loser! I'm not a loser!"

1. "There's one thing I want you to do for me ... win. Win!"

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