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You better love Rick Springfield if you're going to pass this trivia quiz



wek_drrick111110_a_148953d.jpgQuick. Name the '80s rocker who played Dr. Noah Drake on TV soap General Hospital. Aw, sure. Everyone knows that one. It's Rick Springfield, the easy-on-the-eyes singer who pined for Jessie's Girl and told us all decades ago that you better Love Somebody.

But how well do you really know Springfield? Stuck in the '80s has interviewed the pop icon (born Richard Lewis Springthorpe) several times over the last few years (listen here) and we've devised this quick trivia quiz to determine if you're a real fan or just a working class dog. Consider this practice before Springfield's gig on Jan. 10 at Tampa's Hard Rock Cafe. (9 p.m., 5223 Orient Road, Tampa. $46. 1-866-502-7529)

1. Before Rick Springfield made it big on American TV, he was a teen pop star in his native Australia. What was the name of his first successful band?
a. Zoot
b. Comic Book Heroes
c. The Bugaloos

2. In the mid '70s, Springfield scored his first big hits in the U.S. as the star of a Saturday morning cartoon series on ABC. What was the show?
a. Days of Our Lives
b. H.R. Pufnstuf
c. Mission: Magic!

3. The story behind his song Jessie's Girl is true; Rick fell for a girl during an arts class. He couldn't remember the girl's name, only her boyfriend's name, which wasn't Jessie. What was it?
a. Blane
b. Gary
c. Duckie

4. Springfield turned down a supporting role in a highly acclaimed 1983 movie to instead star in critically panned Hard To Hold. "Unfortunately I think my ego took over at that point," he told the Times in 2010. What was the movie he passed on?
a. Zelig
b. Terms of Endeartment
c. The Right Stuff

5. Springfield returned to TV in 2009 to play himself on a which cable series?
a. Californication
b. Entourage
c. Game of Thrones

1. a
2. c
3. b
4. c
5. a

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