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You can dance if you want to: Help name the top dance songs of the '80s



footloose.jpgRolling Stone, a magazine that gets very few things right these days when it comes to rankings, has just released its list of the Top 10 Dance Songs of All Time. And sure, a couple '80s tunes made the list. New Order's Blue Monday ranked higher than Michael Jackson's Thriller, which caught me offguard.

But it also got me thinking: If you restricted the list to just tunes from the 1980s, which songs would make a proper list of the top 10 dance songs of our decade?

Granted, the songs that I danced to probably aren't going to make any list. (Am I the only one out there who did a moody, trance-like stammer to Billy Idol's The Dead Next Door?) So help me out and add your recommendations in the comments area below. Some rules first. They must have been released in the '80s. And obviously, you gotta be able to dance to them. (Which means, Prince's Let's Go Crazy would be a long-shot, as I deem it slightly too fast to dance to, even though it brings back fun memories.)

In the meantime, here are three songs that would make my personal list.

DON'T YOU WANT ME (The Human League): Perfect for lip-synching while dancing in hopeless attempt to seduce your partner. Thankfully, the tune got a new life as a promo video for the '80s retro-flick Take Me Home Tonight.

OUR LIPS ARE SEALED (The Go-Go's): Easiest dance in the world. Just sway back and forth and kick up your heels occasionally as if you're in a fountain ... with the most beautiful girl-band in the history of music.

THE SAFETY DANCE (Men Without Hats): Should a song be disqualified for having the word "dance" in the song title? Hell no. But you should be disqualified if you don't dance exactly like they do in the video.

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