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After 35 podcast episodes of Stuck in the 80s, we've probed everything from Ferris to Asia. From Madonna to Valley Girl. Politics to fashion. Now we want to know what you want to hear.

Give us your suggestions for this week's 80s podcast topic. It can be a movie you really loved. Or a band that you saw a half dozen times in concert. Or something in between like "Best ballads by a hair band" or "Dead Kennedys vs. the Dead Milkmen." After 35 shows, we've only scratched the surface of the 80s. There's so much left to say. (Check the list to the right of all our episodes if you want to make sure we haven't covered it.)

The bottom line is we're giving you the cordless microphone. Drop us a comment. We'll follow along with your suggestions, and if we don't choose it this week - don't sweat it - your topic could be a future podcast.

Let the good times roll.

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