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You were all pretty in pink



Party1 The second leg of the Stuck in the 80s roadtrip is over. We recorded a show Saturday night at the Tampa Theatre as part of the historic venue's 80th birthday party. The "Pretty in Pink" prom was a blast. Huge crowd. EVERYONE dressed up in 80s fashion. Fantastic music. Videogame machines playing Pac-Man and Galaga. Big TVs showing John Hughes movies.

However, being the total loser that I am, I didn't really participate in any of the fun. Rather, I and the other podcast team members were busy with our show, quizzing prom-goers with music and trivia challenges. As Oingo Boingo says, we were on the outside looking in.

Party3 And speaking of music, let me pass on this sad fact: Few if any of the partygoers were able to answer our Name that 80s Tune challenges. And I'm not talking about the tough ones we use on our podcasts. I'm talking about songs like "Hold Me Now" by the Thompson Twins and "Words" by Missing Persons. I was losing my religion.

In any case, we'll have the podcast we recorded at the party live by next week. (We're putting the finishing touches on the Patty Smyth podcast for this week.) In the meantime, click here to see all the photos from Pretty in Pink party on our website.

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