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Is your life a mess? Let the Coreys help

Twocoreys They haunt our dreams. We want to remember them for "Lost Boys," "Goonies" and "Lucas." But flicks like "Dream a Little Dream" and "License to Drive" turn a lovely stroll down Memory Lane into a car-jacking down Debacle Drive.

Love them or loathe them, Corey Haim and Corey Feldman are back in the headlines. MSN TV's website recently added a new "Ask the Coreys" feature where fans can ask the pair literally anything -- for relationship tips, acting advice, a personal loan to cover your Internet porn addiction ... you name it. (Click here to visit the website.)

The two '80s icons are set to star in their own faux/reality show -- "The Two Coreys" -- on A&E starting July 15. Word has it that the show is based on "fictional" versions of both Coteys -- one married with a kid (Feldman) and the other (Haim) a bachelor bent on shaking up his friend's serene life.

So what questions might fans ask on "Ask the Coreys?" So many questions come to mind. Here are a few to start with:

  • "Mr. Haim, do you think it's creepy that you had a beefcake poster of Rob Lowe on your bedroom wall in 'The Lost Boys?' "
  • "Was 'Dream a Little Dream 2' really necessary?"
  • "Who scored more on the set of 'Lucas?' You or Charlie Sheen?"
  • "Mr. Feldman -- Meatballs 4?"

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