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YouTube's remake of 'We Are The World' is best version yet



This version of We Are The World, sung by 57 YouTube fans, has got to be the best version I've heard yet:

The remake is the brainchild of Lisa Lavie, a singer/songwriter from Montreal currently living in California to pursue her music career. I reached out to Lisa via e-mail. Here's what she had to say about the We Are The World remake on Youtube:

Lisa lavie How long have you been singing?

"I've been singing all my life and decided to tackle my career on an independent level by posting original songs up on Youtube as well as cover songs. I now have over 34 million Views on YouTube of my live vocal recordings in my home studio and have a lot of great things in the works.
I've had 2 of my songs placed in major motion pictures - The Guardian and Stick It."

Did you like the benefit remake of We Are the World?

"I definitely respect a lot of the artists in the remake of We Are The World but I definitely have an affinity to the original. There was something really magical about it!  This song is not a hard song to sing, as long as you're evoking emotion I think you'll get your point across."

How did you come up with the idea to remake We Are The World?

"I came up with this idea after I saw the 25th year remake. I thought it would be a great if I got all of the Youtube singers I knew involved. I reached out to everyone, assigned lines to all and within days I had received the 57 videos. It was an amazing collaborative effort."

Any big obstacles?

"The biggest challenge has to be the editing of it all. It's really hard to edit all of the vocals when not everyone is using a mic. Some people are singing in their bathrooms, their kitchens. It was challenging but so much fun to put together."

How long did it take to edit and pull together?

"It took three days and one sleepless night to complete this project. Iman Crosson worked around the clock editing all of the videos together and did an amazing job with it!"

What's the reaction been so far?

"We're already going on 500,000 views and bloggers and radio stations are taking a liking to this video so everyone involved is definitely really excited. I've received a few celeb emails. That's always awesome to see. Tyra Banks twittered our video and said 'I am crying right now. Speechless because of beauty' and then twittered 'When I grow up, I wanna sing just like @LisaLavie.'  I was blown away."

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