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Did Cameron Crowe find his ‘kwan’ again with Roadies?

Have you seen the trailers for Roadies? It’s a new Showtime series created and executive produced by the great Cameron Crowe. Yeah, the Cameron Crowe who wrote Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Say Anything. The guy who gave us Singles, Jerry Maguire (his “kwan” too) and Almost Famous. (And yeah, the one who also gave us We Bought a Zoo and Aloha.)

The 10-show series Roadies debuts June 26 on Showtime, and the trailers look promising. The cast, featuring Luke Wilson, looks intriguing. There’s definitely a heavy Almost Famous vibe going on here. We’re paying attention, Cam.

BTW, I have theory on Cameron Crowe. Once he could do no wrong. There’s very little, if anything, not to adore about his first seven movies. And how many other directors these days can claim that? But then audiences and critics were confused by Vanilla Sky and Elizabethtown. (I still am addicted to Elizabethtown, more than any other Crowe project other than Almost Famous.) A series of stumbles followed. Watch We Bought a Zoo and Aloha and you’ll series traces of the Crowe’s genius, but little of the heart we’d come to love. Was it the material? Zoo animals? Hawaii?!? Maybe. Was the passion just gone? Did our man just need a rest?

With Roadies, it feels like Crowe has find another full pocket of passion. The project taps into Crowe’s past life as a reporter for Rolling Stone and gives all of curious rock fans a look behind the stage curtain. To paraphrase another ‘80s classic, this seems like a sure thing.

I don’t subscribe to Showtime, but Roadies will make me change all that. I’ll ante up and give my favorite director another chance. It’s just way too early to say aloha to Cameron Crowe.

[Last modified: Friday, May 27, 2016 11:07am]


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