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Did Grunge music kill Winger - or was it Beavis and Butthead?



While we don't talk '80s fashions much, I do throw out the question of would you be caught wearing a Winger T-Shirt?  

Hatched in New York and led by singer and bassist Kip Winger, Winger dominated MTV in 1989 and their singles Seventeen and Headed For A Heartbreak both hit the Top 40. But before Seventeen became a hit and Kip Winger laid claim to the most beautiful man in rock, Winger started out with the excellent hair metal rocker Madalaine. 

Madalaine was the first single off the Winger self-titled in September 1988 and while it charted on the Mainstream Rock Tracks, it did not chart on the pop charts. The video is straight performance and four months later the 27-year-old Kip Winger and his statutory rape anthem Seventeen was released that kick-started a successful run of that lasted until 1993 until Grunge killed Winger - or was it Beavis and Butthead?

In the '90s, the very popular and influential Beavis and Butthead (who wore Metallica and AC/DC T-Shirts) constantly ridiculed their neighbor Stewart and his Winger T-Shirt. Despite being the butt of jokes, Winger plowed on and in 2014 they released their latest album Better Days Comin'. Kip Winger also appeared this year in the celebrity band The Hollywood Vampires that is headed by Alice Cooper, Dave Grohl and includes names as diverse as Johnny Depp, Paul McCartney, Slash and coincidently enough, Brian Johnson of AC/DC.

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