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Did you spot Robert Cray in 'Animal House?' Here's his lost '80s hit



While 1987 was the year most of us heard Robert Cray for the first time, you probably saw him much earlier as he played the bass player for Otis Day and the Knights in Animal House.  While we all love Animal House, can I persuade you to hear one of his lost hits?

In 1987, Robert Cray was the first blues artist since B.B. King to hit the Top 40 in thirteen years when Cray garnered national attention with Smoking Gu". His follow-up single was Right Next Door (Because of Me) that only made it to No. 80 on the singles chart.

Right Next Door has the lyric "Strong Persuader" in the chorus and that phrase became the title of Cray's fifth album and is now his nickname. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone Magazine, Cray reluctantly agreed that Right Next Door, a song about womanizing and adultery, gave him a bad reputation with the opposite sex and has been hard to live down.

Cray is in the Blues Hall of Fame, garnered five Grammies and is set to release his latest album "In My Soul" in 2014.


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