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Dig deep to remember the catchy anthem 'Boxerbeat'

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While I roll my eyes at the label "one-hit-wonders," it's hard to deny the label on the Joboxers. But let's give them the benefit of the doubt and feature maybe the only other song you've heard by the Joboxers - their dance anthem Boxerbeat.

Just Got Lucky is one of the more irresistible singles of 1983 and in the states the song barely cracked the Top 40 meriting its appearance on Lost and Found back in 2013. In England, Boxerbeat was not only their first single, but their biggest single as Boxerbeat hit No. 3 in the U.K. as compared to Just Got Lucky, which hit No. 7 across the pond.

The video for Boxerbeat is infectious fun as the Joboxers take over a diner and dressed in their Little Rascals attire, they create the foot-stomping Boxerbeat in an attempt to bring rhythm to even the most stoic of England's old guard. After their follow up album tanked in 1985, the Joboxers ended the beat.

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