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EBN-OZN? Or would you prefer Liben-Rosen?

It's spelling bee time again and today the Scripps Spelling Bee contest in National Harbor, Maryland begins their onstage competition that seems to capture the attention of us common spellers.  The ever helpful '80s had some helpful hints back in the day to today's Spelling Bee contestants as evidenced by EBN-OZN and their fun rule song AIEOU Sometimes Y.

In 1983, the New York synth duo of Ned "EBN "Liben (pronounced e-B en, rhymes with Liben)  and Robert "OZN" Rosen (pronounced  Oz-En, rhymes with Rosen) made their contribution to pop music and MTV with AIEOU Sometimes Y. The song is regarded to have been historic in that it was perhaps the first U.S. single to be recorded entirely on a computer and is also one of the earliest uses of sampling. While it missed the pop charts, it was a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Dance Charts.

AIEOU Sometimes Y is everything that was great about early '80s videos as rat-tailed OZN and poofy-haired EBN vie over a school teacher named Lola. Besides the yellow pants and the curious dialogue, the video also stands out for the puzzling focus on a student with a gigantic mysterious bruise on his forehead. The video was also discussed in other intellectual forums such as an episode of Beavis and Butthead.

EBN-OZN only released one album and both members became involved in producing after their breakup in 1985. EBN died of a heart attack in 1998 and OZN, who sang with the New York Metropolitan Opera as a child, went on to Hollywood and worked behind the scenes as a writer and if you are curious, currently sports his hair style that  is mostly gray and balding.  

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