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Ed Harris a bad guy?!? Top 5 most villainous Ed Harris roles

The Right Stuff



Who out there is enjoying HBO’s new series Westworld? Like the 1973 movie that most of us only saw later in life on VHS, the series chronicles the chaos that erupts in a Old West theme park full of androids. And much is made of actor Ed Harris, who plays “The Man in Black,” possibly the villain … but this is HBO, so you NEVER really know just yet, do you? 

Are you having trouble picturing Harris - who played a hero in so many ‘80s flicks - as the bad guy? He was John Glenn in The Right Stuff! He was Bud in The Abyss! If anyone besides me had seen it, he was “Gus” in 1985’s vastly underrated Code Name: Emerald. Hell, he was even “The Voice” in the cornfields in Field of Dreams. (Really.)

But in reality, Harris has played the bad guy several times. 


5. SWING SHIFT (1984): He played the dismissive yet tormenting husband opposite Goldie Hawn. No wonder she went running to Kurt Russell after this movie. 

4. THE ROCK (1996): I’m torn on this one. He takes citizens as hostages, threatens an entire city with an apocalyptic nerve gas attack, but all for a good cause? Sorry, Gen. Hummel. History won’t remember you kindly. 

3. NATIONAL TREASURE: BOOK OF SECRETS (2007): Am I the only one who likes this movie series? Harris plays a treasure hunter who stops at nothing to discover the long-lost “City of Gold.” 

2. THE TRUMAN SHOW (1998): The all-powerful overlord of the TV show that follows poor Jim Carrey around was a lock for this list. 

1. ENEMY AT THE GATES (2001): Playing a sadistic sniper in World War II usually gets you the top spot. Especially after you publicly execute the boy you hired to shine your boots.

Honorable mentions: The Firm (1993), Glengarry Glen Ross (1992), Creepshow (1982), A Beautiful Mind (2001)

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