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Eddie Murphy was almost in Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home?!?

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home



There are some days in the ‘80s kingdom when we think we know it all. And then there days when your world crumbles because you learn Eddie Murphy was THIS CLOSE to appearing in 1986’s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Yeah, the whale one. Our Beverly Hills Cop was almost in the whale one.

In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Meerson - one of the writers of the screenplay - reveals that Murphy was up for a small part in the movie. As we all know from our homework, The Voyage Home revolves around the Enterprise returning to 20th century Earth to bring a pair of humpback whales back to the future. 

"It was always the same story that got approved, but the original draft included a part for Eddie Murphy," Meerson told THR. 

But why Murphy?

"Eddie was on the lot at Paramount at the time and arguably was the biggest star in the world," Meerson said. "They had told us he was a huge Star Trek fan."

(Actually those of us who saw Murphy’s 1992 movie Boomerang might remember that his character also loved Star Trek. Watch the scene here. Who knew it was actually true?)

According to Meerson, Eddie was to play an astrophysicist at Berkeley. Reportedly the deal fell through, and Catherine Hicks was brought in instead to play marine biologist/whale expert Dr. Gillian Taylor.

Read more amazing things about The Voyage Home in THR’s original article. Just amazing. Oh, and here's a blooper reel I just found. 

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