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EW's ranking of best TV show finales includes these ‘80s gems



Entertainment Weekly bravely has waded again into the dangerous waters of Top 20 articles. This time, they attempt to rank the top 20 TV show finales of all time. And honestly, they hit a home run with their picks, especially their list-topper.

I won’t bore you with the non-‘80s ones, so let’s get down to business. You can see the full ranking here. Here are the ‘80s series that made EW’s list, along with their overall ranking and a quick quote from their writers: 

15. SEINFELD (1989-1998): “Here's to you, Soup Nazi, Virgin, and Sidra Holland.”

13. STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION (1987-1994): “Capt. Picard found himself skipping through time, visiting his loyal Enterprise crew at the beginning of their voyages together and, poignantly, joining them for one last old-age adventure.”

11. THE COSBY SHOW (1984-1992): “Literally. Cliff Huxtable took his wife, Claire, in his arms and began to dance...and they waltzed right off the set, through the crew, and off into history.”

6. M*A*S*H (1972-1983): “As Hawkeye takes off in a chopper, he spies a message from his old pal B.J.: ‘Goodbye’ spelled out in stones on the launch pad.“

5. CHEERS (1982-1993): “Was Sam really going to ditch the bar to move to L.A. with the reemerged Diane? Of course not.”

2. ST. ELSEWHERE (1982-1988): “The finale showed us the autistic son of hero Dr. Westphall  playing with a snow globe, lost in thought. The camera moves in closer, and we see it contains a replica of the hospital show's St. Eligius building. “

1. NEWHART (1982-1990): “Bob's 1982-90 sitcom ended with ''The Final Newhart,'' in which Vermont innkeeper Bob goes to sleep and wakes up as Chicago therapist Bob, sleeping next to his original 1972-78 Bob Newhart Show wife, Suzanne Pleshette.”

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