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Fear of flying make you dizzy? This band's tune will cure you



The most recent Stuck in the '80s podcast on cover songs in the '80s is just a few months old, but the supply is so plentiful of cover songs, it's about time Lost and Found got back on the job and selecting a week of cover songs - albeit our list may be a little on the obscure side, so let's start it off in weird fashion with the Flying Lizards and their remake of Dizzy Miss Lizzy.

For long time blog readers with great memories, Dizzy Miss Lizzy has been featured on the blog before back in 2010 when Steve Spears did the occasional Sunday Earworm. The Flying Lizards were the English duo of David Cunningham and Sally Peterson that are best known for their interpretations of older songs, mostly notably Money from the turn of the decade that was revitalized when it was included in The Wedding Singer and then included in other movies, TV shoes and a Taco Bell commercial.

The original version of Dizzy Miss Lizzy was in the old time rock 'n' roll era when Larry Williams had a minor hit with it in 1958. Most people though remember the Beatles version of it from their 1965 album Help. The Flying Lizards 1984 version did not chart but it did produce a wonderfully manic video as the duo is defies gravity and all sorts of food gags are implemented on items such as jello, milk and my favorite - Lizard Flakes cereal. The spoken emotionless lyrics by Peterson combined with the pounding on the keyboards to the creepy ventriloquist doll, Dizzy Miss Lizzy is all you want out of an '80s video. Other than reissues, the Flying Lizards ended their recording career in 1984, but Cunningham has continued to explore his interpretations in music and art without the Flying Lizards moniker.

- Kevin Wuench

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