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Feel like Going Underground after 2016? The Jam doesn't blame you




Over the past month we've reminded you of some of the forgotten Cold War songs from the '80s and since we like "blasts from the past" more than "blasts from bombs," today we duck and cover and head for the fallout shelter for some more anti-war tunes with the The Jam and Going Underground.

The Jam has been featured twice on the blog as part of the Never Found series (That's Entertainment and Town Called Malice), but why should Dr. Dim have all the fun in covering one of the more successful bands in the U.K. during the early '80s? Going Underground was the first of four No. 1 singles for The Jam when it topped for charts for three weeks in 1980 and was a standalone single that was not featured on any Jam album back in the day.

The video for Going Underground features The Jam in their snazzy outfits and the occasional stock footage of bombings that echo the lyrics with lines like "you choose your leaders and place your trust as their lies wash you down and their promises rust. You'll see kidney machines replaced by rockets and guns."

In 1982, lead singer Paul Weller broke up the band when he left to start Style Council.

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