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Five more reasons to hate the ‘Ghostbusters’ remake



The Internet has turned against the new Ghostbusters remake, and who am I to get in the way of a good online fury fest? It seems a Reddit user claims to have seen a cut of the movie and is spilling the beans all over the place.

So please click elsewhere if you don’t want your movie-going experience tarnished. You can read the full review here. But here are five Ghostbuster spoilers to get your blood boiling.

- Slimer has a girlfriend now. Oh big deal. I hope he’s into 24/7 cuddling and kisses, because in the afterlife, I’m betting girls never stop begging for that.

- None of the original Ghostbusters appear as their original characters. They’re just cameos that interact awkwardly with the plot. Ernie Hudson is Leslie Jones's uncle, who owns a funeral parlor. Bill Murray is a skeptic. Dan Aykroyd drives a cab. The reviewer says all their scenes are pretty forced and painful.

- The old Ghostbusters theme does appear in the movie. I wonder if Huey Lewis gets the residuals?

- It’s not funny. According to the reviewer, “It is like bad SNL comedy with a bad cast that tries way to hard to be funny.”

- And lastly, a sequel is on the way. Allegedly. Right before the credits roll, there’s a reference to Zuul that indicates Ghostbusters 2 is next.

Mother puss bucket!

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