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Forget 2013! What were the Top 10 albums of 1983?



I detest all the "Best Albums of 2013" lists. New music? Please. Makes me want to dry heave. As I was pontificating yesterday while getting my hair buzzed at a Supercuts here in the Orlando area that gratefully seems to only play '80s music, "new" music died a long time ago. We only are allowed to study the relics these days.

And so, I turn my eyes instead to 1983 and the "best of" lists. Today, I found a Top 10 albums from 1983 list from Definitely a different perspective. Here's their top 10 picks along with a quick quote from its author. Click here for the full article.

TOP 10 ALBUMS of 1983:

10. FRONTIERS (Journey): "Journey’s eighth album was no mere copycat effort and yielded a slew of classic singles like ‘Separate Ways,’ ‘Faithfully’ and ‘Send Her My Love,’ fated to become both airwave and concert staples."

9. LET'S DANCE (David Bowie): "... Proving that the great chameleon of ‘70s rock wasn’t finished reinventing himself, always anticipating new trends in music and fashion in the burgeoning MTV era."

8. GENESIS (Genesis): "Top 10 hits like ‘That’s All’ and ‘Mama’ showed that Phil Collins was now fully established as the band’s frontman."

7. REBEL YELL (Billy Idol): "... Astute blend of rock, pop, punk and New Wave with the help of the many iconic music videos."

6. PIECE OF MIND (Iron Maiden): "Losing your mind never seemed so appealing!"

5. KILL 'EM ALL (Metallica): "... Evolutionary thrash foundations, bare-bones production quality and understandably modest commercial expectations."

4. PYROMANIA (Def Leppard): "... Spent the entire year burnishing its guitar-driven ear-worms into the public conscience until Def Leppard were a household name."

3. SHOUT AT THE DEVIL (Motley Crue): "... Probably had more influence on the visual aesthetic still associated with the 1980s than any other release on our list."

2. SYNCHRONICITY (The Police): "... Packed full of hits wrapped in philosophical erudition and barely subliminal paranoid self-loathing."

1. ELIMINATOR (ZZ Top): "Credit everything to the choreographed movements, big beards, fast women and faster cars depicted in ZZ Top’s thematically consistent videos, if you must..."

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