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Forget John Parr's other big hit? That'd be awfully ... well you know the rest



Sure it was fun to see John Parrr team up with Meatloaf yesterday, but John Parr's best is not just about St. Elmo's Fire as this man has other songs including his first hit Naughty, Naughty.

Naughty, Naughty is one of those songs that is borderline Lost and Found. I still hear it on the radio, but it is dwarfed by the beast that is St. Elmo's Fire - the iconic No. 1 song from 1985. As we learned yesterday, Parr was originally employed as just a songwriter before a chance meeting led to a record contract. Parr made the most of his first single when Naughty, Naughty reached the Top 40 hitting No. 23 in the beginning of 1985. It was also quite a hit on MTV as English born Parr made an impression with his American Red, White and Blue guitar and the funky tuning sounds made, the cars and the chanting chorus of mechanics in the video.

The video for Naughty, Naughty is also noteworthy for adding another chapter for to the annals of noteworthy appearances by actresses before they were celebrities. You may not recognize her as a 21-year old, but the video vixen in Naughty, Naughty is Lisa Rinna who seven years later landed the role of Billie Reed on Days Of Our Lives. That role lead to other jobs including Melrose Place and being an Emmy-nominated host of SoapTalk. For almost twenty years, she has been married to Harry Hamlin.

While Parr only had two Top 40 hits as a solo artist, his first career as a songwriter continued to pan out after the hits stopped coming. In 1986 he wrote the Top 40 hit Night Moves for Marilyn Martin and later in the decade penned a very popular ad jingle. In Jan. 1989, Gillette wanted to make a big splash to introduce their new Sensor Razors, so during Superbowl XXIII they unveiled their ad campaign "The Best A Man Can Get" that you can view here with the jingle penned by Parr. "The Best A Man Can A Get" ads ran for nearly a decade and was so successful it even made a comeback in the '00s.

- Kevin Wuench

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