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Friday freakout: ‘Against All Odds’ was a remake?!?

Out of the Past



Who doesn’t love the 1984 flick Against All Odds? The story of an aging football player (Jeff Bridges) - playing in the real-life uniforms of the very ‘80s L.A. Express of the USFL - who is sent looking for a shady friend’s missing girlfriend (Rachel Ward) only to fall in love with her when he finds her … well, heck, even if you didn’t love the cheesy ‘80s-ness of the movie, you loved the of-its-era, title song by Phil Collins, right? 

What if I told you it’s a remake? A total and nearly perfect homage to a movie from 1947 called Out of the Past? (Sorry, no Phil Collins song for the original flick.)

Also known in the UK as Build My Gallows High (the novel upon which it’s based), Out of the Past starred Robert Mitchum, Jane Greer and Kirk Douglas in the roles that Bridges, Ward and James Woods occupied in the ’84 remake. And just like in Against All Odds, the story is about a retired P.I. who is hired by a shady friend to find the girl. (One difference best represented by the two different eras aside from the football player vs. private investigator role? The girlfriend is hiding in then-trendier Acapulco in Out of the Past instead of '80s-friendly Cozumel. But, hey, it’s Mexico nonetheless.)

Out of the Past was (and still is) considered one the best examples of film noirs, with critic Roger Ebert giving it a full four stars in a 2004 review

Here are five things you probably didn’t know about 1984’s Against All Odds

1. This is one of two movies in 1984 that starred Jeff Bridges. The other one? John Carpenter's Starman.

2. Bridges' equivalent character in 1947’s Out of the Past, Jeff Bailey, had the same first name as his own.

3. Scenes shot in Cozumel included filming locations at the Mayan-Toltec ruins in Tulum and the more-famous ruins of Chichen Itza. It marked the first time the Mexican government granted permission for their use in a film.

4. Phil Collins’ song Against All Odds earned Oscar and Golden Globe nominations for best song but lost out both times to Stevie Wonder's I Just Called to Say I Love You from The Woman in Red.

5. The rest of the soundtrack was very ‘80s too and included tunes by Peter Gabriel, Big Country and Mike Rutherford


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