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Friday lost and found: Martin Briley 'Salt in My Tears'



In 1983, air guitarists on the world united to the riffs of Martin Briley’s Salt in My Tears. The song was a MTV staple and reached No. 36 on the singles chart.

The back story of the video is that a recently-divorced Briley came down with food poisoning the day before the video shot and asked to be as stationary as possible. Many perceived Briley’s sitting on the sofa as a way of showing his ambivilence towards women, but the real story is he just didn’t have the strength to prance around the set.

While Salt in My Tears was Briley’s only solo appearance on the charts, he has had a long career as a songwriter and session musician. His guitar chops can be heard on ‘80s hit singles such as Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart and Julian Lennon’s Much Too Late for Goodbyes.

Born in England, Briley now lives in New York, keeping busy with many music projects including teaching.

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