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Goanna can't save you money on care insurance, but they'll fight for Aborigine injustice in Australia



While Midnight Oil caught global attention for their songs about Aborigine injustice in Australia, they were not the only band who was fighting the fight for tribal rights. Let me introduce you to Goanna and their anthem Solid Rock.

In the spirit of the GEICO ads, we know that Kool and the Gang loves Joanna, but do you know that Australia loves Goanna? Speaking of GEICO ads, while everybody in America now knows what a gecko is because of the little commercial lizard, you may be unfamiliar with the goanna. While a gecko is a smallish six to nine inches long, leave it to the Australians to say, "You call that a lizard? This is a lizard!" as the goanna can grow up to eight feet long and are carnivorous with teeth. Named after the lizard, the band Goanna had a No. 2 smash in 1982 in their home country with Solid Rock, a song that even made the singles charts in the U.S, peaking at No. 71 a year later in 1983.

The video for Solid Rock is mostly performance video with occasional graphics of a goanna and the Australian scorched earth. Like Midnight Oil's Beds are Burning, the lyrics of Solid Rock plead for the return of tribal land to the Aborigines with lines like .. "wasn't long before they felt the sting. White man, white law, white gun. Don't tell me that it's justified cause somewhere, someone lied. Genocide."

Goanna only released two albums in the '80s before disbanding before a short reunion album in 1998.

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