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Here's why 'The Goldbergs' isn't set in just one year in the '80s



Have you been watching TV's The Goldbergs? Much like That '70s Show, The Goldbergs is just your average sit-com, but set in the '80s. That's funny for about ... two minutes. ABC has officially granted it full-season status, but that's not the most curious thing about it. What '80s fans want to know is: What year is this show actually set in? Why do we ask? Because the show constantly makes errors in the space-time continuum. (A recent show had them going to see a 1982 movie -- Poltergeist -- in the theater while at home a poster of Top Gun adorns a wall. No way!)

Creator Adam Goldberg finally explained the phenomenon to the Vulture blog: "When I shot the pilot, in my head, [the show] was set somewhere in the mid-eighties. Then when we got picked up, and I had to think of new episodes, it came down to what I call the Power Glove Conundrum. To me, the three greatest things of the eighties, in my opinion, happened in '89: The Reebok Pump, the Nintendo Power Glove, and Say Anything ... Even though they just squeaked in under the line in the eighties, to me, personally, they define the eighties. So I was like, 'Wait, if my show is set in 1985, I have to wait five years to do these episodes?' I should be so lucky to be five years in on a show."

AH-HA! Now we see the problem. The show was created by someone who mistakenly feels 1989 was the pinnacle of the '80s. The correct answer is 1984. Hire me onboard as a writer, Adam, and I'll get it all fixed up.

Click here to read more of Adam's Q&A.

[Last modified: Wednesday, November 6, 2013 8:18am]


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